Thank you for participating in The Kraft Project.
Let's start by establishing a baseline:
  • Print out the baseline target
  • Shoot 1 shot standing, 1 shot kneeling, 1 shot seated, 1 shot prone.
    Supported as you would find yourself shooting in your area of interest.
    Repeat this process two more times for a total of 12 shots on the target.
    Break and rebuild your position after each shot.
  • Enter Impacts
  • Repeat as many times as you would like and we will measure the results and compare them for you as you progress.

Stress Test

  • The stress time, in seconds, is computed by adding 10 to your Kraft Shooter Number from the Baseline Test.
  • Use the timer for build and break time, for each shot.
  • Shoot a fresh target, enter impacts.
  • In the list of targets, click "View" for the top (latest) target.
  • Scroll up and add a note saying, for example, rk:stress 15 to mark it as a 15-second stress time target.