by Chris Way
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It almost sounds like science fiction. A rifle can shoot a bullet just fine but the moment you touch the rifle the bullets point of impact changes. Many shooters try to minimize the influence of points of contact on the rifle and others try to manhandle the thing. Neither seems all that bad as long as you understand the influences you are playing to.

What do I mean?

I am talking about consistency. Consistency in the shot process will produce consistent results. If you influence the rifle one particular way, I am in favor of trying to influence it the same way in any position. The best way to show someone that they influence the rifle more than they think is to run the RifleKraft Baseline test.

Bam. There is your influence. So now what?

Now comes the work part. It can be fun. It’s all about mindset. Anyway, identifying your influences on the rifle can be rewarding, especially when the group size of your targets starts to decrease and your shot patterns encircle your aim point.

What if you can’t identify the cause?

Think about equal and opposite reactions of the rifle to points of contact. If the round goes left, what is on the right side? If the round goes high, what is under the rise?

You might find that you lack support on the opposite end or that the support is too much.

Explore this and see how it changes your group patterns.

If you can’t figure it out, the subscription side of RifleKraft offers data driven suggestions to correct your errors through your shooter card.

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