by Chris Way
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I read so many lists and top ten posts I decided to take a crack at it in my own way.

Heres an off the cuff list in no particular order that I think can improve EVERYONES shooting:

1. Think:

Dont just adjust and correct a shot. You're not a circus monkey AND you're responsible for the bullet you just shot wherever it went.. know what happened, or figure it out.

2. Gear:

Do you want that new equipment because of good expensive marketing, or because it really works better?

Tell me what makes a rifle shoot well and explain why the thing you wanna buy does it better?

3. Some failure is growth fuel:

If you're afraid of failure you'll never get good. go to competitions with goals, tests, and personal objectives.. only one dudes gonna win and its probably not you. If you go with pre set goals and objectives you'll walk away a better shooter and level up regardless of rank.

4. Fundamentals first.

Don't outrun your fundamentals. If you apply them well and time out you're doing good; if you rush and throw shots you're not doing it right.

5. Dirty little #$%^:

I dont care how often you clean your barrel, but your trigger, bipod, tripod, scope, bolt, and other moving parts will eventually crap out on you if you dont clean them.. ask me how I know.

6. Video yourself:

You'll learn a lot about your fundamentals if you video yourself.

7. Be irreverent sometimes:

Fuck the old school.. pave the way to the next level by testing popular dogma and writing your own rules. I dont give a rats ass how long you've been shooting or how many trophies you have and no-one else should either.

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