by Chris Way
Keywords: training, blog, tests

Visual Elements

I have been thinking more and more about the visual component to shooting. Part of the problem is that although our eyes see everything, the circuitry that connects what the eyes see to what we are thinking about or looking for might not be as quick or polished as we might think.

As a result of this, I want to start a training discussion on the blog and post weekly training and testing ideas for you. Subscribers will get targets and a test “course of fire” to report before / after results to see what works and what doesn’t in some of these areas.

If I get enough return results I will talk about the numbers on the Straight Dope podcast. If nothing else you all get training ideas that could help you toward being better marksmen if reps are put in and reported accurately.

Lets talk searching for targets.

When we are focused for a particular thing there could be a bias toward that object, there could be a hyper focus that distracts from looking for more of the same objects or even continuing to search for more items in the list.

To me there are many higher level addons to this idea, but for hunting, competition, and other applications it can have profound effects.

So, if you are a self-motivated shooter, go out and try to test if this has an effect on your shooting and let me know what you do to fix the delay!

If youre a subscriber, I will be emailing out some targets and a test course of fire to be performed at 100y with a shot timer. Honest feedback is appreciated in terms of accuracy as well as overall time / splits.



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