by Chris Way
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Matt Sprouse Testimonial

I first discovered the Kraft data collection when listening to Frank Galli’s Everyday Sniper Podcast. He mentioned an experiment that Chris Way was doing. I had to back up a couple of podcast to find the interview, and after listening to Chris and his ideas I wanted to be part of it. I jumped on Sniper’s Hide and found the target, printed it off and headed to the range. As expected, I was not happy with what I saw. I had a rifle capable of 1/3MOA or better, and I was seeing 3 inch groups at 100 yards. I knew that positional shooting was something I needed to spend more time on. What was unexpected however, was the initiation of a new training routine. One that would greatly improve my match performances, build confidence at stages that required a lot dynamic positional shooting, and help establish the efficiency of motion that I can carry with me to many shooting styles. Having the ability to track performance from a baseline and see improvements in a short period of time has been invaluable to my growth as a shooter. I’m able to pin point problem areas and break each part down to work seperatly. Finding my natural point of aim and reducing my wobble quicker, has allowed me to focus more on wind calls, proper use of fundamentals, and stage execution. This is not a training program. This is an eye opener. Your training program will develop itself if you use this tool as self evaluation. It’s human nature to want to be good at something. This gives you a concrete metric to compare against, to see your improvements, and the motivation to shrink those groups from any position. I’ve got several friends that are new to the sport. I always start them off on this target. From there, I show them what I’ve learned and pass on what little knowledge I have. Before long I can see the wheels turning, and they’re sending me new targets every week showing what improvements they have made.

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